Learn how to create a website

This is one of the best ways to start programming

Reads and writes code

Learn HTML and CSS and build a dynamic web site from scratch

Create your own design

Unleash your creativity and add colors and animations

Which site do you want to design?

Website about a festival
Music Landing page
Golf website

Take your first steps with HTML and CSS

This is the learning path

Estimated time: 20 hours

  • 1
    What is Web design?
  • 2
    Design the structure of your website
  • 3
    Create the body of your web page
  • 4
    Add headers to your web page
  • 5
    Add attributes in HTML
  • 6
    Add paragraphs of content to your website
  • 7
    Add style to your texts
  • 8
    Separate the content of your web page into paragraphs
  • 9
    Add lists to your website
  • 10
    Add ordered lists to your website
  • 11
    Add images to your website
  • 12
    Place descriptions on your web images
  • 13
    Place videos on your website

What do web
designers do?

A web designer can create sites adaptable to mobile devices,
give them effects and animations,
work on the creation of themes,
give them functionality and logic.

Our students Wonderly

Lucio Mastromatteo


My dream is to be a sports journalist because I love soccer and thanks to Wonderly's HTML and CSS course I designed a news article and put it on my own website. I can't wait to know what the next courses will be.